I have been teaching the following courses as a faculty member (chronological order)

  • CSEC 502 Network Security
  • CSEC 501 Cyber Systems and Information Security
  • COGS 556 Visual Cognition
  • COGS 553 Psychology of Reading
  • COGS 514 Cognition and Machine Learning
  • COGS 515 Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Science


  • 2018 (advisor, M.Sc.) An Experimental Investigation of Change Blindness By Group Eye Tracking Paradigm by Aysel Yasemin Gol. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2018 (advisor, M.Sc.) Effect of DDoS Attack on a Military Operation by Lutfi Kilic. Cyber Security Program, METU.
  • 2017 (advisor, M.Sc.) The effects of word length and suffixation on eye movement control in Turkish Reading by Tugce Nur Bozkurt. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2017 (advisor, M.Sc.) Perceptual Span in Turkish Reading: A Study on Parafoveal Information Intake by Zuhal Ormanoglu. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2017 (advisor, M.Sc.) The Use and Acceptance of Information Communication Technologies by Senior Citizens: A Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for Turkish Population by Hacer Güner. Information Sciences Program, METU.
  • 2017 (advisor, M.Sc.) Comparing Mobile Game Interaction Methods in terms of Player Engagement: Gaze and Voice Commanded Control Method vs. Touchscreen Controls by Cagkan Uludagli. Game Technologies Program, METU.
  • 2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Arithmetic Word Problems Achievements in Adults: The Role of Working Memory by Fatma Iskin Demirel. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Group Eye Tracking by Ozan Deniz. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Effect of Goal Orientation and Different Human-Computer Interaction Modalities on Users’ Engagement by Mehmetcan Fal. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2015 (advisor, M.Sc.) Simplification in Graph Sketching: A Comparison of Rule Based Graph Generation and Human Sketching by Ceren Kerimoglu. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2015 (advisor, M.Sc.) Automated Coherence Detection with Term-Distance Path Extraction of the Co-Occurrence Matrix of a Document by Halil Agin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2015 (co-advisor, M.sc.) Comparison of Unforeseen Mobile Malware Detection Methods by Using Machine Learning Techniques and Static Analysis with Respect to Resilience by Nuray Baltaci. Information Systems Program, METU.
  • 2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) The Effect of Luminance and Context-Dependent Brightness on Contrast Perception by Zahide Pamir. Cognitive Science Program, METU (external advisor: Dr. Hüseyin Boyacı).
  • 2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) Communication through Diagrams: Division of Labor between Gestures and Arrows by Melda Coskun. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) Frequency and Length Effects of Words on Fixation Durations in Turkish Sentence Reading by Emine Eren. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2013 (co-advisor, M.Sc.) Investigating the Comprehensibility of Controlled Turkish and Visual Representation by Muge Canpolat Sahin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2012 (co-advisor, M.Sc.) An Experimental Study on Abstract Anaphora Resolution in Turkish Written Discourse by Rabia Ergin Somer. Cognitive Science Program, METU.
  • 2012 (advisor, M.Sc.) The Effects of Coherence of the Image Used in the Graphical Password Scheme in Terms Of Usability and Security by Ulku Arslan Aydin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.