COGS 515 Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Science, Spring 2015-2016 (sample syllabus)

COGS 556 Visual Cognition, Fall 2015-2016 (sample syllabus)

COGS 514 Cognition and Machine Learning, Fall 2015-2016 (sample syllabus)

COGS 553 Psychology of Reading, Spring 2014-2015 (sample syllabus)


2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Arithmetic Word Problems Achievements in Adults: The Role of Working Memory by Fatma Iskin Demirel. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Group Eye Tracking by Ozan Deniz. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2016 (advisor, M.Sc.) Effect of Goal Orientation and Different Human-Computer Interaction Modalities on Users’ Engagement by Mehmetcan Fal. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2015 (advisor, M.Sc.) Simplification in Graph Sketching: A Comparison of Rule Based Graph Generation and Human Sketching by Ceren Kerimoglu. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2015 (advisor, M.Sc.) Automated Coherence Detection with Term-Distance Path Extraction of the Co-Occurrence Matrix of a Document by Halil Agin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2015 (co-advisor, M.sc.) Comparison of Unforeseen Mobile Malware Detection Methods by Using Machine Learning Techniques and Static Analysis with Respect to Resilience by Nuray Baltaci. Information Systems Program, METU.

2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) The Effect of Luminance and Context-Dependent Brightness on Contrast Perception by Zahide Pamir. Cognitive Science Program, METU (external advisor: Dr. Hüseyin Boyacı).

2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) Communication through Diagrams: Division of Labor between Gestures and Arrows by Melda Coskun. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2014 (advisor, M.Sc.) Frequency and Length Effects of Words on Fixation Durations in Turkish Sentence Reading by Emine Eren. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2013 (co-advisor, M.Sc.) Investigating the Comprehensibility of Controlled Turkish and Visual Representation by Muge Canpolat Sahin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2012 (co-advisor, M.Sc.) An Experimental Study on Abstract Anaphora Resolution in Turkish Written Discourse by Rabia Ergin Somer. Cognitive Science Program, METU.

2012 (advisor, M.Sc.) The Effects of Coherence of the Image Used in the Graphical Password Scheme in Terms Of Usability and Security by Ulku Arslan Aydin. Cognitive Science Program, METU.